Pricing begins at $1900.

With AWC Films, you have a lot of options to suit your needs.


Crazy FAST turn around times!
We are proud to acknowledge that we have the fastest turn around times in our area! Our clients enjoy a teaser film the night of their wedding! The next edit is seen the next week, usually before the honeymoon is over! Typical turn around times for full packages are 3-4 weeks. That is FAST! You won’t find anyone else in our area with this fast of a turn around time. Most of our competitors are taking 3-6 months! And we don’t sacrifice quality in the name of speed – we are able to do this with our state of the art software, our skill in shooting, and with your music chosen beforehand, a large bit of the work is done in advance. We also ONLY DO WEDDINGS, so we aren’t juggling your editing with a bunch of corporate or other projects. We are dedicated to our couples only. *Please note that this fast of a turn around time is only possible if you provide us with your music selections before your wedding day. For clients that provide us with their music choices after the wedding day, turn around time is usually 1-2 months from when you choose your music.

Each of our packages include the following items:

State of the Art Non-Obtrusive Equipment
-Multi-camera true HD-DSLR or 4K DSLR cinema camera coverage – 4 cameras
-Aerial, or Drone location camera coverage (location and weather permissive)
-Superior quality lenses for beautiful cinematic depth
-Steadycam, dolly-slider, mini-crane, monopods and tripods
-External audio equipment for superior sound
-2 dedicated cinematographers, Steve and Cheryl

Final Delivery
-Online gallery with your final films uploaded for streaming and sharing
Your Choice of Full Digital Delivery OR Disc Delivery (USB, Bluray, DVD)